Negombo - Sri Lanka.
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Why not explores the wonderful paradise of Sri Lanka with Darshana Tours - Private Driver Sri Lanka. We offer you a range of tailor made bespoke tours. Travel by private car or van with experienced and knowledgeable guides/driver, so that you experience the wonders of the tea plantations in Nuwara Eliya Elephant orphanage in Pinnawala Sigiriya rock fortress Tour of colonial Galle Trek to the top of Adam's Peak Visit the national parks to spot wild elephants and even leopards. A wide range of comfortable hotels can book less price than online, Day tours can also be catered for as you like, come and visit with Darshana Tours (Private Driver Sri Lanka) we will make your holiday unforgettable and feel like a home away from home.

About Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka – a drum beats, an elephant trumpets and a mystical Buddhist chant fills the air all in one little moment. This captures the essence of a magical island nation with all its beauty as well as its complexities. Here is a land which traces its lineage back to the beginning of time and here is a country within which there is so much to discover and experience. The ruins of ancient civilizations stand testament to a great past while man-made tanks belonging to centuries long gone continue to amaze modern day scientists. The jungles are home to wild leopards and the oceans are filled with dolphins and whales. Modern fast-paced cities amidst traditional rituals and customs. Culture and technology, beliefs and development. When writing about Sri Lanka in the 14th century, Oderic, a Franciscan Monk went on to say there were many ‘miraculous things’ of which he could not write. Even in the 21st century this little island continues to amaze and hold traveler’s captive by the range of possibilities available is such a compact space.

Ayurveda & Yoga

Sri Lanka tour packages can be designed to include Spa Retreats for Ayurvedic therapeutic care, Yoga and meditation practice and lessons. Boutique Hotels, luxury spa retreats on the

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Sri Lanka has a coast line of 1600 kms with numerous coves, bays and lagoons. The splendor of the ocean trapped in a tranquility in bays, the rich marine life nurtured by nature in the

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Elephant Gathering

Elephant holidays are becoming extremely popular as everyone after all loves an elephant. They are sociable and intelligent giants with great family values. They are also huge and

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Bundala National Park is the first Sri Lankan wetland to be declared a Ramsar site under the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands. Located 250km south of Colombo in the district of

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